Congratulations are well in order

If you had told anyone that two weeks after the destructive Aug. 2 flash flood the community would have raised over $10,000 for flood relief, they probably would have said you were crazy. The amount raised as of press time this week is actually just a hair over $12,500. That’s the money that the Long Term Recovery Group will be using to help those in financial distress from flood damage.
Most of the money was raised at the community fundraiser at The Custer Beacon last Saturday evening that featured a free-will donation meal and entertainment. When all was said and done at that event, a little over $6,500 was raised.  Local people showed up in force, as well as visitors from as far away as West Virginia and Switzerland who contributed to the cause.
Other funds totalling about $1,400 were raised from donations stuffed in the numerous Custer Flood Relief plastic jars placed around town at businesses. Donations in those jars ranged from coins to a $100 bill and everything in between. A generous $1,000 individual check has been the largest donation made to date.
More money is coming into the Custer Flood Relief account at First Interstate Bank, including from a fundraiser free-will donation meal held at the Custer High School commons area last Monday night that raised over $2,000! Corporate donations are being solicited as well as those from local businesses. Every penny of the $12,500 raised locally so far will go to those in the greatest need of financial assistance. 
This community deserves a group pat on the back for opening their wallets and writing checks to help out their fellow citizens in a time of great need. Some people lost everything in the homes they were renting. Some people received more help than others. More donations are needed to help those trying to replace their losses.
Congratulations are certainly in order to the Custer community in these initial fundraising efforts. Now it will be up to the local Long Term Recovery Group to allocate funds based on recommendations from Red Cross and Custer Emergency Management officials. This group held its first meeting yesterday, Aug. 20. Our hope is that they will have more money to work with as additional donations are made to the Custer Flood Relief fund.
In the words of flood victim Christina Bohnet, “I’m proud to say I live in this community!”

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