Studebaker show to return

Studebakers and Packards will be shown this year in a variety of styles during a free car and truck show in downtown Custer, Sunday, Sept. 1, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cars made from 1936-64 will be shown, including three convertibles. Four trucks manufactured from 1948-62 will be examples of the Studebaker practicality.   Visitors to the event will be able to vote for their favorite car or truck. The three highest number of votes received will be awarded “People’s Choice” trophies at the banquet that evening.  
This year some well-known models of Studebakers and Packards will be seen. One of the famous Studebaker sports cars, the Avanti, will be included. It had a team that created the car’s concepts including the designers, Raymond Lewy and John Epsten. It had a sleek design with European style and was the featured car in Motor Trend magazine due to its high performance in road tests. In past years, this model was also notable for being owned by famous people including Ian Fleming, the creator and author of James Bond movies.  
Several Avantis will be seen at this show. One is owned by Jim Rapp of Sheridan, Wyo., who has restored his 1963 model and served on the national board of the Studebaker Drivers Club. Another entry is owned by Bill Magnusson, whose car is “coming home” to visit. It originally belonged to his father, Gordon, a long-time  dentist and civic volunteer in Rapid City who died in 2016.  This car was the first of this model to be sold in South Dakota. His father drove to Sioux Falls to pick up his custom ordered car with automatic transmission which was not available through the Black Hills dealer. The car will be featured in the current issue of the national Avanti Magazine. 
The Studebaker Hawk, another model of sports car, has been one of the favorites of visitors to recent Studebaker Labor Day weekend events. This deluxe car was designed to compete with European sports cars both in style and performance. It was produced in two versions, a coupe and also a hardtop, with the Golden Hawk being the top of the line.  Particularly interesting was the 275 hp, supercharged engine, a full instrument panel and unique front grille and priced at $3,061.  
Five Hawk entries will be shown, manufactured from 1951-64. One Hawk will be notable because it was built  60 years ago and is owned by Lynn Loux of Belmond, Iowa. Another model has been recently restored by Steve Brown of Ft Pierre. Three other Hawks long-term owners who live in Nebraska, Montana and Colorado will be on hand to answer questions and tell the history of their cars.  
Three other models of Studebakers were the mainstay of the company’s reliable and attractive production. These include Dictators, Commanders and Larks. There will be at least 12 examples of these cars, including three convertibles and one station wagon.  Because the Studebaker company merged with the Packard company, those owning these unique cars are also invited. Two examples of this combined production, a 1957 Clipper Wagon and 1958 Hawk, will be shown. 
The car show is sponsored by the Dakotas Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club. To enter a vehicle in the show, owners must be a member of the national Studebaker Club and pay an entry fee. More information can be obtained from Tom Cantral at 431-4502.  

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